Dancing Days (CD)

Format: CD
Label: Astro records
Ref: A-097CD
Date: 2005
total time: 52:30

11.05 €

01. American Good
02. A Radiant Morning
03. Self Starter
04. Cyner
05. One for the Crime Scene a Bullet for your Time
06. Saza + Zaas
07. Ex-convict Husband
08. The Sunrises
09. David Bowie's Eyes
10. I Hate the Summer
11. 3a República



Two years after the first album “Photo Finish” (Astro, 2003), Camping from Barcelona now presents “ Dancing Days” (Astro, 2005).
Whereas the first cd was an adventurous sonic, and mainly instrumental rock listening experience, “Dancing Days” will leave listeners even more perplex. This album is an extremely playful second step in the career of these five Catalans: an original and highly daring piece of work that easily matches any international rock standard and is totally impossible to categorize.
Is it? Yes. Why? Because Camping shows that is not afraid of exploring new sonic fields, introducing pop songs, cutting and pasting spoken word, playing with hip hop elements, experimenting with electronics in a rather personal way and inventing new songs structures and re-structure them at the same time.
In other words: Camping experiences total freedom now. Some used to think that Camping were new the experts in the so-called post-rock-genre. “Dancing Days” just proves that they were terribly wrong. Camping knows a lot more. And travels faster than one might think.
The quintet likes to co-operate, as they did with Widy Marché from Selam - Experience Experience on Photo-Finish. On “Dancing Days”, there were several odd collaborations. Sleeve designer and dj David aka 2D2 added some unexpected musical input on the track “Saza + Zaas” (a song and a remix in one!). And for the band, it has been a pleasure to know that Sc ott Herren of underground-hiphopsters P refuse 73 has enjoyed Camping’s ‘somewhat’ strange version of the Prefuse 73-song “One for the crime scene, a bullet for your time”.
“Dancing Days” is an adventurous and emotive sonic journey that can be experienced endlessly. A bizarre trip that will take you to a different place every time you listen to it.


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