El Columpio Asesino
Lucas 44-48 - EP (CD)

Format: CD
Label: Astro records
Ref: A-101CDS
Date: 2005
total time: 14:30

5.10 €

01. Lucas 24
02. Floto
03. Amarillo



El Columpio Asesino means ‘the murderous see-saw’. It’s a crazy band. A tough and rather strange sounding group, with a drummer that sings in a way which can’t possibly be c alle d mainstream, an trumpet player that comes unexpected and rocking electric guitars going into battle with weird, spooky electronic sounds. The extravagant songs by this popular band from the city of Pamplona are slightly touched by the 80s, by the passionate madness of The Pixies and by the instrumental and atmospherical sensitivity of new groups such as Sigur Ros.
The music of El Columpio Asesino is much more fun than the (in)famous bull-runs of San Fermines. And much more dangerous too.


artist website: www.elcolumpioasesino.com