Bye Bye (CD)

Format: CD
Label: Astro records
Ref: A-104CD
Date: 2005
total time 50:55

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01. Bye Bye
02. Hips of the Year
03. Weightless
04. Only for a Moment
05. Slow Man
06. How to Drain the Swamp?
07. Heart Surgery
08. Single Night
09. Name
10. Relapse in Time
11. Sundown Take-Away
12. Love Delay
13. Old Summer Sun
14. Reunion Song



BYE BYE is the title of the brand new album by Mist, dream pop-ensemble from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
It’s the long-awaited follow-up to We Should Have Been Stars (A-071CD / 2003), an album full of intimate quality pop that has received wide international acclaim.
In the course of years, Mist has become an important player in the independent scene of pop in Europe and South America. In 2004, the band of frontman and singer-songwriter Rick Treffers toured in Spain, Germany, France and Norway. The band even went to South America to visit Argentina and Chile. The album We Should Have Been Stars has been released in Germany on Tumbleweed Records (www.tumbleweed-records.de), in Mexico on Astro Mexico and in Chile – with an extra track for the South American market- on the label Quemasucabeza (www.quemasucabeza.cl). Mist shared the stage with The The, Das Pop, Spain, Nits, Novastar, The Posies and their befriended label mates from Spain Schwarz, Lansbury, Holywater and Ya te Digo.
BYE BYE has been recorded during autumn 2004 in Mist’s own rehearsal space alongside the river Amstel, is released on Astro Records again and contains fourteen new alternative songs with the melancholy and melodic sensitivity that have become so typical to Mist. BYE BYE was mixed in January 2005 with producer Martijn Groeneveld at his Mailmen Studio in Utrecht. Mailmen is known for his work with artists such as This Beautiful Mess, At the Close of Everyday, Solo, Black Strap, Face Tomorrow and Dreadlock Pussy. Mastering of BYE BYE was done with Alan Ward at the Electric City Studios in Brussels, Belgium. The photograph on the cover of the BYE BYE-digipack sleeve is made by the well-known photographer Wijnanda Deroo (www.wijnandaderoo.com)
With the personal, intimate, intense and musically layered BYE BYE (“an album about farewell and all its aspects”), the five-piece-band from Amsterdam stands a serious chance to reach the top of alternative European pop.


artist website: www.mist-music.com