Andrew Sweeny
Monotone (CD)

Format: CD
Label: TravellingMusic
Ref: Travelling04
Date: 2005
total time: 51:17

11.40 €

01. Blind River Seine
02. Tilting Bridges
03. Pilgrim
04. Night Is Calm
05. Black Square
06. Correze
07. Sea Of Japan
08. Hanging In The Air
  09. Don’t Fly
  10. Everyone’s Dreaming
  11. Sailing Ship
12. Vanishing





“Monotone like relentless rain on Paris rooftops, like the suburb trains that all arrive at Gare St.-Lazare, and the masses of humans going into the underground, monotone like work, sex and time. Monotonous like daily life, human obscurity, human love.
Monotone : for a time of violent obscurity, a purge of images, a travel down some dark tunnel, a healing darkness, a protest against speed, materialism.
Towards the “unstuck sound.” Hhmmmaaahummmmmm”
Andrew Sweeny, Paris June 4, 2005.



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