Yes, You're Dead! (CD)

Format: CD
Label: Drunk Dog
Ref: DD-003B
Date: 2005




Oscillant entre folk, rock et post-rock, la musique d'HitchcockGoHome! emprunte des chemins sinueux et délivre un jeu plein de force émotionnelle et sonore, crée des atmosphères prenantes en superpositions de textures, parfois jusqu'à l'unisson quasi-bruitiste. Une alchimie qui évoque dEUS et sur laquelle plane l'ombre de Nick Drake...



Sometimes melancholic, sometimes spirited, and mostly both at once, HitchcockGoHome!’s music mirrors both the full-blooded enjoyment at play and the reflective souls of the 5 musicians, who let voices and instruments play changing roles according to their fancy and inspiration. An evanescent banjo, subtly expanding density and volume or sudden strokes of the guitars, a bow passed on from hand to hand, rich bass lines, a voice that does not mind staying in the background sometimes, add to the uniqueness of HitchcockGoHome!’s style, a time-defying blend of folk, rock and post-rock.


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