Next time we go sublime (CD)

Format: CD
Label: Monopsone
Ref: mops010
Date: 2005
total time: 46:01

.20 €

01. matriarcal society
02. give us back to the witches
03. ideal son in law
04. back to the old summer holidays
  05. a huge nice place for no one
  06. energy has forgotten my arms
07. three points
  08. marion spike
  09. juliette
  10. dust didn't answer
11. senor alec thompson


Alexandre Vaudin, seul maître du projet Supercilious, se révéle avec son premier album Next Time We Go Sublime, dixième référence du label monopsone.
Fruit d'un travail minutieux, Next Time We Go Sublime s'étend dans un vaste spectre musical, des ambiances sombres et abrasives des premiers morceaux de l'album vers une mélancolie onirique, illuminée par une douce voix féminine (on pense alors à Mùm ou Bowery Electric).



With this new album, its tenth reference, monopsone confirms the union with elaborate electronic music, a fine touch of melody and a search for harmony between hard sounds and a sweet melancholy style.
Indeed, Alexandre Vaudin (aka Supercilious) has used all the opportunities of home studio's work to elaborate "Next Time We Go Sublime". He has structured melodic tracks or has created oniric texture. So, the French composer who has stopped playing in bands to make pieces with computers using powerful break beats, low bass and hypnotic female voice from Yucky Yummy. At the beginning of the album, we are being captured by the dark side of the sound, then the atmosphere becomes more and more melancholic.It reminds us of bands like Mùm, Bowery Electric or Morr Music and City Centre Office's releases. Thus, Supercilious is forging his own identity, finding his way to give us a fantastic album like a sensitive architect.

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