The Berg Sans Nipple
Form Of... (CD)

Format: CD
Label: Prohibited records
Ref: PRO 028
Date: 2003
total time 50:05

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01. Form of
02. Flapping
03. A free...
04. Blvd. des Souvenirs
05. Dilate in rhythm
06. A new soul
07. Stimulus Plan B
08. Croon
09. We try to resist
10. but we are full of merde





The franco-american duo BERG SANS NIPPLE consists of (but is not limited to) Lori Sean Berg and Shane Aspegren. The former is a suave Frenchman from the dirty rues of gay Parieee and the latter is a lanky Scandinavian-looking fellow who actually hails from the dusty plains of Nebraska.
The first full-length, 'form of. . .' (Prohibited records 2003) takes its shape down many different roads, managing to capture the sonic intensity and magic of the duo live while transcending even that with a rare beauty that is seldom captured on tape. Between the two of them, they have made music with Lullaby for the Working Class, Purr, Bright Eyes, Songs:Ohia, Don Nino, Dominique A., TV City. . . and many more.

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