Don Nino
On the Bright Scale (CD)

Format: CD
Label: Prohibited records
Ref: PRO 029
Date: 2004
total time 44:35

14,20 €

01. a thousand lights
02. on the bright scale
03. out of there
04. save my language
05. goutte d'or experience
06. seasons seeds seas
07. always like that
08. eli said
09. do the skies
10. rendez vous
11. she's back in town
12. the silver tracks





Nicolas Laureau a.k.a Don Nino is one of those French artists who builds up their own musical idiosyncrasy. Having shouted whispers within mythical group Prohibition (1989-1999), he revealed for the first time his murmured cries on his beautiful first album "Real Seasons Make Reasons". Today, he returns with twelve impressive titles that slowly shift from softness to the blackness of noir movies but also to lightness and sense of humor. The unit, produced with a modern esthetics, locates Don Nino in an abstract community of contemporary singers and musicians, somewhere between Arto Lindsay, Jim O' Rourke, Devendra Banhart and Vincent Gallo.

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