Elk City
Status (CD)

Format: CD
Label: Talitres records
Ref: TAL-001
Date: 2001
total time: 56:37

.50 €

01. dreams of steam
02. mysteries unknown
03. love's like a bomb
04. chocolate girl
05. freeze two over eight
06. groundbreaking
07. solar girl
08. fall out of reach
09. california dreamin'
10. tell the people
11. reprise
12. don't cha wait
13. Trapped


Elk City passérent l'année 1998 dans leur studio le "WOMB", improvisant, écrivant, faisant du bruit et enregistrant chaque instant sur bande multipiste. C'est ultérieurement, en réécoutant leurs morceaux favoris que le groupe décida de les étoffer pour constituer leur premier album "Status".
Au fil de l'album on entend le groupe jouer avec tous les genres. "Groundbreaking" rappelle certains morceaux de GUIDED BY VOICES tandis que les compositions les plus lentes se situent quelque part entre MAZZY STAR, YO LA TENGO et les THROWING MUSES.
"Status" est sorti aux USA au mois en juin 2000 chez Hidden Agenda / Parasol records. Cette version européenne est enrichie d'un "bonus track" Trapped qui clôture l'album.


The debut album from New York City avant-pop trio ELK CITY is a collision of smoky folk and classic New Wave.
Arising out of the implosion of the MELTING HOPEFULS, a critically acclaimed mid-90's pop band that garnered rare reviews in SPIN, Melody Maker, CMJ and NME (The single "Pulling An Allmighter On Myself" was single of the week in NME and Melody Maker in 1994), ELK CITY began in autumn 1997 as a back-to-basis, "Let's have fun", no rules, experimentation project. Having originally recruited guitarist/vocalist Peter Langland-Hassan to play in MELTING HOPEFULS, drummer/producer Ray Ketchem and vocalist Renee Lobue (the core of the HOPEFULS) soon saw better possibilities in their new partner.
The chemistry within the new trio was apparent immediatly. Peter and Renee sang together with a natural, unconscious grace, and the songs were pouring out at a rate of several per week. The three of them spent the entirety of 1998 in their recording/rehearsal studio, the WOMB, jamming, writing, making noise, and recording every moment onto multi-track tape. Listening back to their favourite moments, the band later picked songs from these early sessions to fully flesh out and turn into tracks for "Status".
As you listen to the varied tracks of "Status", you can hear the band toying with any number of genres. There's the GUIDED BY VOICES cruncher "Groundbreaking", while some other songs are somewhere between MAZZY STAR, YO LA TENGO, and even THROWING MUSES and LUNA.

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