The headless horseman is a preacher (CD)

Format: CD
Label: Talitres records
Ref: TAL-003
Date: 2001

.50 €

01. the headless horseman is a preacher
02. the fight club song
03. the seed
04. theories of division
05. pilot of this ship
06. hold me mine
07. leaving the scene of a crime
08. the lazybeats
09. when in rome
10. the leaving of ayetch
11. overtime
12. driving your point
13. death of a disco dancer
14. don't trifle
15. while we got the time
16. fleets, flying by me
17. siphoning
18. fatigue
19. darkheart
20. instantly spaceships


" The Headless Horseman is a Preacher " est le premier véritable album de Brando. Sorti au mois de février 2001 chez Smokeylung, il marque le début d'une vraie reconnaissance. Il bénéficia de nombreux passages radios et attira à maintes reprises l'attention des critiques. Véritable buffet musical " The headless Horseman is a Preacher " se tourne vers les diverses influences du groupe (" Don't Trifle " regarde Guided By Voices, " Death of a Disco Dancer, revisited " salue les premiers Bowie, " Theories of a Division " porte les accents de Dean Wareham période Galaxie 500). Il est aussi l'occasion pour Brando d'imprimer sa propre empreinte : mélodies douces qui contrastent avec la voix écorchée de Derek et l'excentricité des textes.
The Headless Horseman is a Preacher nécessite une attention particulière. Les richesses de l'album se révèlent à chaque nouvelle écoute.


'The Headless Horseman is a Preacher' released in 2001 on Smokeylung, however, changed everything for the band. While the first two releases got the guys noticed, and the critics attention, it was this release that garnered them more radio play, and the kind of attention that turns heads.
"The Headless Horseman is very much a messenger. Punishing the wicked with the message of their own demise; he is both the ghost of judgement and the Almighty's uncompromising executioner. The Horseman is not evil, but a preacher wielding the power to condemn. In our world, there is much wickednes to be confronted, but we have no horseman."