This Night (CD)

Format: CD
Label: Talitres records
Ref: TAL-009
Date: 2002
total time: 1:08:07

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01. this night
02. holly going lightly
03. here comes the night
04. the chosen few
05. makin' angel
06. hey, snow white
07. modern painters
08. crystal country
09. trembling peacock
10. i have seen a light
11. student carve hearts out of coal
12. goddess of drought
13. self portrait with thing (tonight is not your night)
14. the relevant ballads
15. the night moves


Daniel Bejar débute DESTROYER en tant que projet solo à Vancouver en 1995. Enregistrant chez lui, il procède sous la forme de petites touches successives, travail de composition et de re-composition, arrangements, accords entre voix et instrumentation. En 1996, son premier album " We'll Build Them A Golden Bridge " (Tinker) le consacre comme l'un des principaux " songwriter " de Vancouver.
En 1998, Bejar ajoute une véritable section rythmique et entre en studio pour la première fois (" City Of Daughter " - Triple Crown) puis dès 2000 Destroyer devenu quintet (" Thief " Catsup Plate / Triple Crown / Cave Canem).
En 2001, alors que Daniel Bejar contribue activement au " super groupe " The New Pornographers (" Mass Romantic " 2000 puis " Electric Version " 2003 ; Mint / Matador) " Streethawk : a seduction " (Misra / Talitres) marque une étape importante dans l'évolution du groupe lui permettant de conquérir un public plus large.
Moins accrocheur que " Streethawk " mais sans doute plus mature, " This Night " (Merge Records, 2002) inaugure pour Destroyer le début d'une véritable activité scénique (dont une dizaine de date en première partie de Calexico aux USA à l'automne 2002).


Bejar started Destroyer a a solo home recording project in Vancouver, BC during the mid-nineties. Recording most of his stuff on his own, Daniel worked diligently to refine his musical style and vision, reworking songs again and again until he found confidence in his music and voice. In 1996 he had culled enough material to release his debut full length recording "We'll Build Them A Golden Bridge". Stripped down, lo-fi electric folk, Golden Bridge introduced Dan as a major new talent on the Vancouver scene, and his quirkly vocal style brought immediate comparisons to Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust heyday.
In 1998 Destroyer added a rhythm section to the mix and went into a real studio to record "City Of Daughters", a sparsely produced but engagingly catchy batch of pop songs in which Bejar's inventive lyrics began to evolve into an obtuse and poetically original voice. The band expanded again in 2000, evolving into a quintet for "Thief", giving even more expanse to Dan's cryptic and scatching indictment of the pitfalls of the music industry (or at least that's what everyone claimed he was writing about). By the time the band's fourth album, "Streethawk: a seduction", hit the streets in 2001, Destroyer was poised for greatness and the critical acclaim flowed freely. Around the same time Bejar was also achieving notice for his work as a founding member and principle songwriter for Vancouver's rock super group, The New Pornographers". Bejar has been lauded as one of the most original and inventive songwriters of his generation. The Bowie comparisons have continued to dog him and not undeservedly, but Destroyer continues to blend a plethora of influences into their own musical melange; one that comes out sounding distinct and visionary.
"This Night" picks up where Streethawk left off and continues to raise the bar. It is an anthemic collection of beautifully arranged pop songs that sound like symphonies of blissful intricacy. Bejar still practices lyrical sorcery with the wisdom and wite of a sage, weaving tales of bitterness, desire and redemption, while the band mates swirl and cascade around him with intricate yet expansive walls of sonic alchemy. This Night is a stunning and powerful achievement from a songwriter and band at the height of their creative powers.

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