New Place, New Face (CD)

Format: CD
Label: Talitres records
Ref: TAL-010
Date: 2003
total time: 47:08

.50 €

01. Toilet days
02. North Of My Mind
03. Feel Like A Stone
04. New Place, New Face
05. Andersen's Tales
06. Wagner's Cariocas
07. When Evil Is Your Last Home
08. Down To Italy
09. Smart And Courageous
10. I Don't Really Get It
11. September


Nul besoin de lister ici les influences majeures du groupe. Sans doute est-il préférable d'identifier ce vers quoi le trio désire tendre : " dans nos disques préférés, on sent vraiment l'ambiance de la pièce au moment de l'enregistrement. Sur nos albums, nous aimerions que l'auditeur ait l'impression d'être dans la même pièce que nous".
Enregistré au plus " près de l'os " dans une grange reculée de l'Allier, Temper égrène ballades, cernes et émotions vives le long de ces 11 titres de ce premier album.


Anne-Laure P. (bass), Arnaud G. (drums) and J.P. Montal (voice, guitar) moved from the stuffy town of St Etienne to the not-much-less-stuffy town of Paris (France, not Texas) in 1997 and then formed Temper. "A trio to concentrate on essentials".They began to write songs (J.P Montal, late at night, behind some berlines smoky glasses as he was tour manager for classical musicians) and recording with a golden rule: "no cover, only our own compositions".
Progressively, Temper adjusted one's style: they combine a real songwritting with a raw sound recording. The Velvet Underground is obviously an influence here (because of Jean Pierre Lou Reed-esque nasal drone) but also Pavement (for an untruly nonchalant style) or The Jam and Television.
Temper's debut full-length "New Place, New Face" tends to this direction: a live but not "lo-fi" production, some pop ballads, a breathless fury.