Piano Magic
Disaffected (CD)

Format: CD
Label: Talitres records
Ref: TAL-020
Date: 2005
total time 46:48

.90 €

01. You Can Hear The Room
02. Love & Music
03. Night Of The Hunter
04. Disaffected
05. Theory Of Ghosts
06. Your Ghost
07. I Must Leave London
08. Deleted Scenes
09. The Nostalgist
10. You Can Never Get Lost (when you've nowhere to go)


Succédant au lumineux et captivant dernier album (" The Trouble Sleep Of Piano Magic " 2003), " Disaffected " fût enregistré entre octobre 2004 et janvier 2005 au studio Fortress de Londres avec les participations d'Angèle David-Guillou (Klima) et de John Grant (the Czars). Le groupe y creuse ce sillon qui lui est propre, entre mélancolie éthérée, tension électrique et délicatesse pop, où planent les ombres (et les fantômes) des Cocteau Twins, de My Bloody Valentine ou de Durutti Column.


"Ghostrock," it's been called in some corners of Europe. Piano Magic's dynamic, romantic, often brooding brand of music has a spectral presence to it that ultimately mesmerises, live and on record. This, their 6th album proper, further explores their trademark glacial sound whilst reaching out into melodic pop territory. The Smiths, 1980's 4AD and Factory Records - Piano Magic unashamedly wear their influences on their sleeves whilst managing to sound much more than a sum of their inspirations.
There's no denying that this isn't happy music. You know where to go if you want that. Piano Magic deal in loneliness, in confusion, in late nights, in crumbling friendships, in dying relationships. And yet, there's heart, there's hope, there's love somewhere in there.
Recorded between October 2004 and January 2005 at the group's regular studio, The Fortress, in London and their own Murder Mile home-studio, 'Disaffected' features guest vocal contributions from John Grant of The Czars and Angèle David-Guillou of Klima.
Piano Magic openly refer to themselves a 'European band.' Though, London based, 4 of the band are French - Jerome Tcherneyan, Franck Alba, Cedric Pin and Angèle David-Guillou. Glen Johnson and Alasdair Steer are English. And certainly, though some of their songs deal directly with the cold reality of English city life, the emotions are universal.

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