The lone gunman (CD)

Format: CD
Label: Talitres records
Ref: TAL-022
Date: 2005
total time 44:11

11.90 €

01. the orange cliffs
03. the mystery
04. live today again
05. when sunday comes
06. have to be
07. just might run
08. you flew
09. kite
10. cherry wine
11. some dogs can fly
12. grown in california
13. u got that gunman
14. wet work
15. cactus man rides again
16. when the canyon meets the stars
17. the days of petrol


Duo à l'origine, IDAHO prend racine à Los Angeles à l'orée des années 90 (skyscrape/star 7 inches - label: ringer's lactate, 1992), pour devenir quelques années plus tard un groupe à part entière. Reposant désormais sur les seules épaules de Jeff Martin, le projet ne serait cependant rien sans la proche collaboration de John. K. Berry.
Rescapé du mouvement slow(sad)core, IDAHO semble traverser les " époques " (et les styles) dans une quasi-indifférence générale. Pourtant chaque nouvel opus est attendu avec une impatience non dissimulée par une poignée de fans transis : sillon obstinément creusé loin des contraintes commerciales, perles sonores patiemment enfilées, fragilité palpable et sentiment que chaque son parcourt le plus profond des entrailles des musiciens avant de parvenir jusqu'à nous (et de s'installer dans les nôtres).
" The Lone Gunman" (le dixième long format du groupe - et entre ces dix albums quasi-autant de maxis, singles et split-vinyls) fut écrit par Jeff Martin dans la foulée de " We Were Young An Needed The Money " (compilations regroupant inédits, b-sides et morceaux quasi-introuvables, 2002) entre mai 2003 et juillet 2004. J. Martin composa également entre temps diverses bandes originales de films et autres musiques pour séries TV.
Si la touche du musicien est reconnaissable entre toutes, " The Lone Gunman " ouvre cependant une nouvelle fenêtre dans le paysage discographique de IDAHO. Les guitares sont pour un temps ici délaissées et cèdent le pas à une collection de pianofortes ou électriques (Wurlitzer) et à d'antiques synthétiseurs analogiques polyphoniques (Prophet 5). Profondément intimistes, les 17 titres de ce nouvel album naviguent entre lumière et clair obscur, douceur et déchirure. Une grâce sans pareil.


Started in 1992 in Los Angeles as a duo, through the mid nineties as a full band and then finally as a solo artist, the band IDAHO has become synonymous with Jeff Martin. He has been the sole thread through all of the incarnations. Known mostly for four-string guitars, low tempos, spectral feedback and production nuance, IDAHO has never bowed to the pressures of being commercial. For his trouble, IDAHO has remained the eternal underground band. By luck the band has attracted a devoted cult-like following. Idaho is like the secret club of indie music, and for this record you'll need the code words…
About: The Lone Gunman: Jeff Martin of IDAHO has never been known to be a political animal. No, on the contrary, he's a recluse. He has practically made a career out of writing hyper personal songs of an inner life. Absent for now are the four-string guitars, they have been traded in for a Wurlitzer, an old Prophet 5 and a collection of pianos.
While the way he writes may not have changed, his personal landscape is shifting along with the worlds. Rigged elections, "Peak oil", Nine Eleven, and wars on resource rich nations - it's a lot to think about for one guy just trying to make a record in his living room. Martin emerges from behind this cinema screen of paranoia and distrust to put out a record filled with conspiratorial allusions, though, with a wink and a smile, and a polka.
Part songs, part soundtrack, Martin travels deeper into his film score sensibilities. Occasionally "ambient rock", it is mostly on these instrumental tracks that he finds inspiration from ideas surrounding "peak oil", surveillance programs or secret military installations, but in an elegantly cartoonish way.
At times Jeff displays a playful early Eno-like absurdity such as When Sunday Comes or You Flew and at other times is just happy to be in the moment. But it's a life set against a background of darker flavors on other tracks like Live today again and The Mystery. It is through this mixture of lighter moments and drifting shadows where we find his silver-lining filled peyote dream pop. With The Lone Gunman, Martin shows his unique talent for a timeless somber beauty.
The Lone Gunman is Idaho's 10th full-length release. Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound NYC.

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