New General Catalogue (CD)

Format: CD
Label: Talitres records
Ref: TAL-024
Date: 2006
total time 1:05:21

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01. Divorce
02. Stay Comfortable
03. This, Every Day, For The Rest Of Your Life
04. This City Moans
05. .... The Sky Is Breaking
06. New Europe
07. A Reptile, Cold Blood
08. Wednesday's Rivals
09. Perseverance Works
10. America Is Its Only Friends
11. Pieces Go Missing


REDJETSON est un sextuet (pas moins de trois guitares) originaire de la grande banlieue de Londres. En août 2004 un split single avec le groupe d'Oxford Youth Movie Soundtrack Stratégie propulse la formation sur le devant de la scène.
Leur premier album " NEW GENERAL CATALOGUE " les impose d'emblée comme l'un des groupes phares de la jeune scène postrock anglaise. Mélodique, intense et sombre, un disque à la croisée de Joy Division, Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky ou encore Lift To Experience.
Invité par Bloc Party lors d'une récente tournée anglaise, (Kele Okereke considère la formation comme l'une des plus passionnante et excitante du moment) ou partageant l'affiche avec des groupes tels que ¡FORWARD, RUSSIA! et iLiKETRAiNS, c'est sur scène que la musique de REDJETSON prend toute son ampleur. Des prestations épiques et denses, empreintes d'une beauté noire.


Redjetson are a six-piece spread over the less glamorous parts of London and the near beyond (Southend). The adventure preceding the release of their album has seen Redjetson release a debut split 12" single with Oxford sorcerers Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies ('This City Moans' and 'Divorce' b/w '…Spooks The Horse' [YMSS]), alongside a co-headlining tour with the same group, as well as a spate of recently-wowing London shows which have generated the sort of praise that would make even a professional egoist blush. Add to that the curation of their own 'Do Or Die' and 'Soldier Boy' club nights in East London, and it's already been an eye-opening experience.
Redjetson deal with epic songs full of slow-burning grandeur, emotional intensity and imposing passion. Despite their glacial exterior, their tunes are infused with a deep warmth and beating heart, moving away from the constrictive forms of 'post rock', and into warmer, more soulful climbs.

"...set to break all perceptions of post-rock being inaccessible and only suited to homicidal sociopaths... If you like your Joy Division, Six by Seven, Mogwai and Radiohead then this is essential!" - This is fake diy.

'New General Catalogue', named after the book that maps the stars, is their debut album.

"Breathtakingly beautiful…Find out why loud is the new loud. Brilliant." - The Fly

"a righteous thrilling, trilling minor chord epic.(…) Blissful" - NME

"Redjetson are one of my favourite bands at the moment. Dramatic, intense and exciting…"- Kele Okereke, BLOC PARTY


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